Students from Qatar schools aim high with hydrogen-powered robot

 12 Mar 2018 - 15:39

Students from Qatar schools aim high with hydrogen-powered robot

The Peninsula Online

Eight students from Tariq Bin Zeyad School and Dakahlia Stem School are on cloud nine as the team has won the award for best programming and best design at the Botball Tournament held at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar. 

The programming students are among the 19 teams that have won the award for the regional botball tournament. 

Mahmoud Behiry, Ahmed Hamed, Ali Elmancy, Reem Maisara, Rawan Saber, Abdullah Mohamed, Youssef El-Enbaby and Youssef El-Metwally are the students who won the tournament. 

Five of these students are now working towards participating and winning the top spot in the Nasa International Space Apps Challenge. 

Their idea is of working towards a city without problems especially towards resolving the transportation issue. The robot designed by the students uses infrared, sound and ultrasonic sensors on battery-powered robot. 

"We made genetic modification to chlamydomonas reinhardtii algae to produce hydrogen, which is used to generate electricity and purify water and we also use the waste of corn straw as natural fertilizer," said Metwally.   

Abdullah added that the team programmed their robot using Arduino and C+ language and got perfect results. "It makes us confident of our project and we aim for applying the project in a large scale as soon as possible," he said. 

He added that some of the team members had participated in the Nasa Challenge last year, winning the sixth spot. This year, the students have left no stones unturned to ensure that they bag the first position.